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Community Partnership.

Conservative Values.

Fiscal Transparency.

Early Voting April 19-27 • Election Day May 1, 2021

It's Time to Move Forward TOGETHER.

Being the father of 4 children is my most important role and I want to be involved. I want to fill their childhood with opportunities, strong education and happy memories so they grow up to have happy and fulfilling lives. Their education shapes their future and good schools with excellent teachers is vital to that journey.


We owe it to our children and our teachers to be active participants in their education.

As a GCISD Trustee, I pledge to:

Audience Clapping
Foster a community partnership with teachers, students, parents, and voters.  Listen to and actively poll our community to represent them best.
Preschool Teacher and Students
Champion conservative values in our schools.  Return to core education by focusing on educational needs, not wants.
Image by Scott Graham
Advocate for all taxpayers to secure fiscal transparency.  Bring financial resources back to the classroom and reduce GCISD’s ballooning debt which wastes over 3 million in interest per year. 
School Kids

“Forming a partnership in our community between students, teachers, parents, and voters is what GCISD needs now.”

Experience Matters.

My experience is working in the modern workforce. I understand what it takes to be successful in the private sector and I know the education requirements that lead to that outcome. I want every student in GCISD to share in that success. My talents and experiences will help navigate our children’s education to accomplish that goal.


I received my bachelors degree in economics from Southern Utah University. After working on Capitol Hill for Congressman Chris Stewart, I took a position at Goldman Sachs working in legal document review, cash flow management and accounting. 


After working on Capitol Hill, I was transferred to Goldman Sachs' Texas office to help them expand. My experience there gave me a marketable and applicable financial skill set, which led to my joining Highland Capital Management, a Dallas-based fund manager, where I currently focus on my accounting and auditing skills.


"I have the experience it takes to take control our budget and reduce GCISD's ballooning debt which wastes over 3 million in interest per year."


An Advocate for Taxpayers

As a GCISD board member I will ensure responsible use of hard-earned Taxpayer Dollars. I will perform an audit of all current procurement procedures for the district.



Where is the money going and how it is getting there? Who is approving it? Do the answers to these questions align with taxpayer objectives? Is the money being spent according to the guidelines of taxpayer bonds? I will answer these questions for you.