Husband and Father

My wife Holly and I moved to the Lone Star State with our young family 5 years ago. We wanted to be part of this great state and its tradition of excellence, family and community. A tradition of excellence is also why we chose GCISD, and why we now call Grapevine home. We currently attend the Church in Grapevine and are happy to see people whenever we can. We have never felt more at home than we do right here in Texas.


Being the father of 4 children is my most important role and I want to be involved. I want to fill their childhood with opportunities, strong education and happy memories so they grow up to have happy and fulfilling lives. Their education shapes their future and good schools with excellent teachers is vital to that journey. We owe it to our children and our teachers to be active participants in their education.

I will ensure GCISD remains a great educational experience for our children and will urge the board to listen to our community and be fiscally responsible with your tax dollars. 

Prioritizing Fiscal Responsibility

Understanding how our tax dollars are spent in educating our children is fundamental to getting optimal value from those tax dollars. Particularly now, with changes caused by the COVID-19 and remote learning, we need to squeeze the most out of every cent we have. There is no longer room for waste.


As a GCISD trustee, I pledge to advocate for all taxpayers to secure absolute financial transparency and to ensure that every public dollar is used to its fullest.


My goal is to serve this wonderful community and use my knowledge to give back to where we call home. I hope to bring a new perspective to the board. I loved school and have great memories from both the classroom and the extracurricular activities and I want the same for your children!